2. Hadrian’s Walk

For those who want to walk through the wonderful scenery as well as understand its history there is a 6 mile circular route. This starts at either the Twice Brewed pub or Steel Rigg car park and takes in the most iconic section of the Wall to Housesteads then down to Vindolanda for lunch. After Vindolanda there is another mile or so back to the waiting car.

This does take all day with a thorough exploration of Vindolanda’s ruins, archaeology and world famous museum included but could be done in half a day if Vindolanda is missed out. The walk is not mountainous but is undulating and does require a certain level of fitness. It is easily underestimated.

  • Price £200 per day, £150 half day. (Per Group)
  • Additional £100 if starting at Carlisle or Durham City.
  • Additional £75 from Newcastle.
  • £25 deposit to secure your day 


Price admission to Vindolanda see here:


Price admission to Housesteads here:



Looking at Cawfield Crags near Milecastle 42. In the dstance the wall stretching toward Milecastle 41 and then 40.