Durham Cathedral

This tour lasts about 6/7 hours and focuses on the Middle Ages in England’s most Northerly city. The streets in the centre are still in the Medieval pattern with ancient alleyways and hidden corners. The shops are modern but the houses they’re in are mostly Eighteenth or early Nineteenth Century and look it.

The Cathedral is one of the oldest and most magnificent in Britain, it is a world heritage site and I will explain why. It has been described by Bill Bryson as’ the best cathedral on planet Earth’.

We will also visit the not completely ruined Priory at Finchale with the river on three sides. This was the home of St Godric and in it we will be able to see how medieval monks really lived.

‘I unhesitatingly give Durham my vote for best cathedral on planet earth’   Bill Bryson

‘One of the great (architectural) experiences of Europe’   Nicholas Pevsner


  • We begin in Durham and walk up through the narrow streets to the Cathedral.
  • Once inside I’ll show you around explaining the building, not just how it was built but why as well and the place such buildings had in the medieval mind. I will take you through some of the major events that happened in here over the last thousand years and why the Bishop is a ‘prince’ when other bishops were not.
  • In the afternoon we’ll take the short trip to Finchale by car and explore the Priory. I’ll explain what you’re looking at, what the life of the monks was like there and the place of monasticism in the middle ages.

All my tours can be customized, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  • Price £250 per day, £165 half day. (Per Group)
  • Additional £125 if starting at Carlisle.
  • Additional £100 from Newcastle.
  • £25 deposit to secure your day


Durham Cathedral viewed from Wharton Park

Durham Cathedral viewed from the River Wear

Durham Cathedral viewed from the River Wear

Saddler Street, Durham City

Saddler Street, Durham City

Sir Walter Scott's words about Durham

Sir Walter Scott’s words about Durham

Finchale Abbey was a 13th-century Benedictine priory

Finchale Abbey was a 13th-century Benedictine priory