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“Our visit to Hadrian’s wall with Mr. Carney was sensational. Even though two of us were former Latin students and closet Romanophiles, it was amazing how much more we learned following and listening to Peter. I truly hope we can return in the not too distant future to see more in the area with him”  Gary Behrend

Hadrian’s Wall – Car Tour

Why was the Wall built? Why was the Wall built here? Who built it and who manned it? What happened up here over the next 300 years and why did the Empire eventually collapse?

Educational Tours

A wonderful educational day out.

A wonderful educational day out. Ideal for studying the Romans and a comprehensive understanding not only of the frontier but Roman life in general. I will follow the curriculum for your age group and lead the day.

Durham Cathedral and Medieval Streets Tour

Why and when was the Cathedral built?

Why and when was the Cathedral built? What motivated the builders who knew they would never live to see it finished? What did it look like in the middle ages and what’s happened in here over the last 1000 years?

Newcastle Upon Tyne Tour

“How did Newcastle transform the world? What was so special about this town that made it such an important place in the British Empire ? How did the history of this energetic city lead to a massive role in the Industrial Revolution?”

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