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  1. Peter Carney

    Today was phenomenal. As we said to you, we always get tour guides when we go anywhere as it’s so important for us to learn. You were exceptional and I can’t think of anyone better we have had anywhere in the world. Your love of history is inspirational and joyful. Thank you for an amazing day – we can’t stop talking about you and all the incredible things we have learned. If you would like us to do a review for you anywhere please do let us know.

    Helen, Graham and Gaby White

  2. Heba F. El-Shazli & Anthony Gray

    My husband and I spent a wonderful day on 10th August 2018 touring the main sites of Hadrian’s Wall in the UK. Thank you Peter for a terrific tour! You are a wonderful host, guide and teacher.

    Superb! we had such a wonderful, enriching and interesting day. Peter picked us up from our B&B in Hexham (Hexham Town B&B – an excellent place to stay) in the morning and mercifully, he drove his car while our rental car stayed parked for the day! He took us to the Roman Army museum and to Vindolanda fort and museum. Peter is such a knowledgeable person and will tailor the tour to your interests and needs. We ended up chatting away over a long lunch at the Vindolanda museum cafe. Highly recommend Peter Carney and his tours of Hadrian’s Wall. All the best wishes, Heba & Anthony

  3. Gary Behrend

    Our visit to Hadrian’s wall with Mr. Carney was sensational. Even though two of us were former Latin students and closet Romanophiles, it was amazing how much more wr learned following and listening to Peter. I truly hope we can return in the not too distant future to see more in the area with him.

  4. Gary & Mary Mathiesen; Karl & Margaret Marcuson

    Peter – We thoroughly enjoyed our all-day tour with you in July 2016. It was very helpful to have you pick the four of us up at our hotel in Durham and drive us to and from Hadrian’s Wall. Along the way toward Hadrian’s Wall, you gave us important historical background so we could “hit the ground running” when we actually got to our destination. We especially enjoyed our time at Vindolanda. You really made those stones come alive! It was fun to stop at the Vindolanda dig and have you introduce us to some of the folks working that day and talk about recent discoveries. You were flexible with our schedule and interests. Thanks for stopping at the Sycamore Gap so we could get a photo between rain showers! Finally, you ended our full day with some time at Durham Cathedral. Again, thank you for making this tour of Hadrian’s Wall one of the highlights of our trip to England.

  5. Judy and Bill Ryan

    Peter’s tour of Hadrian’s Wall was the highlight of our trip North. His vast knowledge and engaging manner make him a wonderful teacher. In fact, he taught history for years, and his passion for it is evident. But he never overwhelms, and is attentive to the interests and questions of his clients. He’s curious to hear their ideas about the conundrums presented by the Wall. We spent 8 hours with him, and could have spent more. He picked us up at our B&B in Hexham, which was an extra bonus, as we were traveling without a car. Peter will adapt his tour to his clients’ stamina and particular interests. We found out from him that he will also give tours of Durham Castle. That’s for our next trip!

  6. Susan Yoder, Kate and Abby Wills

    Coming from Oregon, my daughters and I were so excited when we realized we’d be able to include a trip to Hadrian’s Wall during our visit in April. However, we soon found that renting a car and trying to visit the sites on our own would be a bit slower and require more time than we had during our week-long stay. What joy when we found you were able to customize our day tour to what we wanted to see, as well as include our roundtrip transfers from the Newcastle train station. We would have missed so much without your expertise of the Wall and area. My favorite stop? Where the Romans just gave up on a huge boulder/rock and went around. We’re all human, in the end. Thanks for this great memory and visit. We highly recommend you.

  7. Dave Loukes

    Had a great day out on Hadrian’s wall with a very knowledge and interesting guide. (Peter went along as well – joking). The day lived up to all my expectations and beyond. Even the weather turned out to be kind for us. Would have been a great day on our own, but was exceptional with Peter, he brings the whole thing to life and you can almost smell the Romans.
    Thanks for a great day Dave and Sam

  8. Jim and Lynn Elliott

    Peter, you are a wonderful guide and teacher. Your depth of knowledge and understanding of the history of Rome and the British Isles makes a walk along Hadrian’s Wall come to life. Thank you so much for being our guide.

    To anyone considering touring the Hadrian’s Wall area, We highly recommend using Peter as your guide. Touring the wall on your own is great fun, but having Peter with you to fill in the colorful history of this area turns a nice walk into an exciting trip through 2000 years of history. We encourage you to take the time to turn a nice walk into an experience you will never forget.

  9. Marilyn and Fred Matejcek

    Our experience with Peter was exceptional. We were on a two month tour of the UK, interested in the history of this wonderful place as much as its beauty and majesty. Hadrian’s Wall was one of my wife’s particular interests. We count ourselves lucky to have gotten Peter to spend a day with us in that local.

    Peter’s knowledge of the area and its history is both broad and deep. It allowed us to outline what we wanted and Peter was able to fill whatever voids needing filling. My wife told Peter she wanted him to transport us to another time. He did that very well, making history live for us.

    This was one of the high points of our two months. We availed ourselves of two other “guides” for a one day tours in other parts of our trip. All three were well worth their price. However the day with Peter was head and shoulders above our other experiences. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

  10. Dr. Robert K. Headley

    Peter – Thank you for a wonderful tour. Anne and I could not have enjoyed our half day with you more. It was a real pleasure to have a guide who knows the history and culture of the area as well as you. You gave us a day that we will always remember; it was a highlight of our trip. I hope that we can return to Northumberland and spend more time with you.

  11. Anne Spitz

    Peter- Mike and I want to thank you again for taking us to see the best of Hadrian’s wall. With just a half day, we had a memorable tour and could not have done this without your guidance.

  12. Gwyn and Rhiannon Evans

    Peter – once again thank you for a fantastic couple of days, did you organise the weather as well? We thoroughly enjoyed our couple of days and trying unsuccessfully to find the limits of your knowledge of the Romans. On our own we would just have walked by Milecastle 42 but you brought it and its location to life. You did the same at Vindolanda and Chesters, pity they were both right at the end of each dayas I’m sure there is much more to see than we had time for. Our friends’ daughter Claudia is intrigued that her name is the first female signature recorded in Britain (just to show we did learn something!).


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